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Hi there!

Welcome to Sunbird. Our food truck is up and running again for a 3rd season here in Wellfleet. As always, we are serving up tasty artisanal eats made daily from scratch using the freshest seasonal ingredients available nearby.

In other news, we are opening our new Sunbird Kitchen in Orleans! Right now it's looking like late August or early September. We can't wait to share the new space with you when it's ready. Please stay tuned!

In the meantime, drop by the truck for some fresh eats and good vibes on the fly.

Where  &  When

2520A State Highway Route 6 Wellfleet, Mass. (Map It)

Open daily from 11am — 4pm-ish.

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Friends  &  Growers

Below are some of the hard-working, passionate folks in our area who help us fly...

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We will do our very best to get back to you ASAP!

A Bird Story

Before we get started, this passage is narrated in a soothing and mysterious Don LaFontaine style voice. Ah, that's better.

J'aime and Christian Sparrow first met in their teens at Nauset Light Beach on Cape Cod. Christian, a native, and J'aime, a wash-a-shore from Connecticut would 'hang out' together at a family cottage not far from the old lighthouse.

For the purpose of this story, they shared a deep appreciation for the Cape's salt-seasoned environment and its local habitat. More specifically though, they were — and clearly still are — oddly obsessed with birds.

From gulls cruising the coastline to sparrows bouncing in the pines to crows surveying their territory from wires and tree tops; Christian and J'aime would watch birds forage for fresh eats, occasionally flock together and ultimately vanish like ghosts.

Born out of these observations was the recognition of a well-balanced and reciprocal relationship a bird has with its environment. They help each other to renew, to evolve and to thrive. This on-the-fly connection is what inspired the idea for Sunbird.

After a decade living in Northern California, where J'aime immersed herself in the local food culture and Christian cultivated his interest in visual communications, they moved back home to the Cape.

In 2011 they hatched Sunbird; an evolving idea that encourages us to live a little more like birds.

Along the way the Sparrows met Karen Densmore, a loon as it turns out (the water bird!). They became fast friends, worked on the truck together and today are Sunbird partners!

Karen brings to the table years of experience, including running her own successful neighborhood restaurant in Boston, Truc, and so much more.

Sunbird is about staying curious, inspired, being real and feeling alive. Every person who works with us, and every customer who joins us, helps cultivate this idea. We are a collective flock of locals and visitors enjoying life on the fly.

Come find us out there!